Organization of International Workshop and Symposium (last update 2011-08-26)

  1. Symposium on Plasma and nonequilibrium process (at 2009 Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan, 2009/09/25-09/28, Kumamoto Univ. (Kurokami Campus), Kumamoto, Japan)

    K. Itoh (organizer)

  2. Conference on occasion of Establishment of Itoh Research Center for Plasma Turbulence (2009/11/27, Kyushu University)

    S.-I. Itoh (organizer)

  3. Symposium o Structure formation and selection rule of turbulent plasmas (General assembry of Japan Society of plasma Science and Fusion Research, 2009/12/3, Kyoto)

    S.-I. Itoh (organizer)

  4. Symposium of Science Council of Japan on 'Present status and future of large scale devices in the area of material physics and general physics'

    S.-I. Itoh (Organizer)