Invited Talk at Major International Conferences (last update 2011-08-26)
4th IAEA-Technical Meeting on the Theory of Plasma Instabilities (2009/5/18-5/20, Kyoto Univ. (Clock Tower Centennial Hall), Kyoto, Japan)

  1. S. -I. Itoh
    Structure Formation in Turbulent Plasmas - Test of nonlinear processes in plasma experiments (I-02) (Invited talk)

  2. S. Nishimura, M. Yagi, S.-I. Itoh, and K. Itoh
    Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic island interacting with external helical magnetic field (I-07) (Invited talk)

RIAM Forum 2009 (2009/06/12, Kyushu Univ., Kasuga, Japan)
  1. S. –I. Itoh
    Structure Formation in Turbulent Plasmas

  2. M. Yagi
    Skeleton of plan of Intergrated transport code TASK

  3. 3. K. Itoh
    Theory of plasma transport

The Citizens Public Symposium (2009/8/11 Kyushu Univ. Fukuoka, Japan)

Nuclear Fusion for Future Energy Source

Frontiers in Plasma Science 2009 (2009/9/2-9/4, NIFS, Gifu, Japan)

Y. Nagashima
Introduction to fluctuation data analysis in Langmuir probe measurement (Young Scientist Planning Lecture)

3rd Simulation Science Symposium (2009/9/17-9/18, National Institute for Fusion Science)

M. Yagi
Development of Multi-scale Simulation Code for MHD and Plasma Turbulence (Invited talk)

Symposium on Plasma and nonequilibrium process at 2009 Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan (2009/09/25-09/28, Kumamoto Univ. (Kurokami Campus), Kumamoto, Japan)

S. -I. Itoh
Plasma turbulence (Invited talk)

12th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers (2009/9/30-10/1, Princeton University, Plasma Physics Laboratry)

M. Yagi
Transport Barriers: Theory and Simulation (OV5) (Overview Talk)

Lecture on occasion of Establishment of Itoh Research Center for Plasma Turbulence (2009/11/27, Kyushu University)

F. Wagner
European research on Energy (honorable lecture)

Conference on occasion of Establishment of Itoh Research Center for Plasma Turbulence (2009/11/27, Kyushu University)

S.-I. Itoh
Objective and method of the Itoh Research Institute

Symposium o Structure formation and selection rule of turbulent plasmas (General assembry of Japan Society of plasma Science and Fusion Research, 2009/12/3, Kyoto)

  1. S.-I. Itoh
    Problem definition (organizer’s talk)

  2. M. Yagi
  3. A. Fujisawa
  4. Y. Nagashima

19th International Toki Conference on “Advanced Physics in Plasma and Fusion Research” (2009/12/08-11, Toki, Japan)

  1. T. Yamada, S. –I. Itoh, S. Inagaki, Y. Nagashima, S. Shinohara, N.Kasuya, K. Terasaka, K. Kamataki, H. Arakawa, M. Yagi, A. Fujisawa and K. Itoh
    Nonlinear mode couplings in a cylindrical magnetized plasma (O-5) (Invied talk)

  2. K. Itoh

Workshop on Transport and Confinement (Toki, Jan.8, 2010)

K. Itoh
Study of confinement and transport: Prospect (Special lecture)

Symposium of Science Council of Japan on 'Present status and future of large scale devices in the area of material physics and general physics'

  1. S.-I. Itoh
    Introduction and Problem definition (Organizer talk)

  2. K. Itoh
    Magnetic confinement fusion research and plasma physics (Invited talk)

Panel of MEXT on large project for academic research (Tokyo, MEXT, 2010/2/9)

K. Itoh
Plasma Science Surrounding the Big Project

84th Molecular Science Forum (National Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, 2010/3/16)

K. Itoh
Plasma and Fusion Research (lecture for citizen)

65th Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan

Study of Two-Dimensional Structures of Turbulent Transport in Magnetized Plasmas